Leading Crisis Management & Security Experts

Human Advisor Group is a specialised Crisis Management and Security Consultancy.

We have specialised in helping our clients handle complex crisis situations and human risks.

Since 2010 we have helped executive management  teams, legal teams, risk and compliance managers and family offices manage complex crisis and security situations. We offer a row of specialised products ranging bespoke crisis management policies and plans, highly effective crisis management training sessions to advising on strategic risk mitigation efforts. Our clients range from large corporations and public organisations, major financial players, law firms and family offices.

We are a company with a strong set of ethics. We know that our advice and services have a profound impact on our clients’ ability to cope with difficult situations. Ultimately, some of our services and courses may mean the difference between life and death for our clients.

As a consequence we impose strict demands on the quality of our own work, our degree of preparation and on our partners.