Prepare your Executive Team, even for the most complex crisis.

Your company Crisis Management Team needs to get beneficial education and training to be ready when a crisis arises. The Crisis Management Team is required to learn the right tools to navigate an emergency and make the right decisions – even under tremendous pressure.

When Human Advisor Group helps clients train their Crisis Management Team, it is always crucial that leaned methods and tools can apply in practice.

We often observe participants who, in settings of other crisis exercises, have faced complex and unmanageable crisis scenarios – which have led to more defeat than actual learning and strengthening the ability to manage a crisis.

Therefore, it is a crucial principle for Human Advisor Group that we never expose participants to scenarios that they don’t have the tools to manage. It is our responsibility as advisors to prepare the participants for the exercise they are about to complete.

Human Advisor Group is familiar with that best learning, and overall improvement of the capacity to handle crises always includes a balance between educational stress (through the scenario and different inputs) and the participants’ success when using crisis tools.

We use a variety of realistic approaches in the exercise and base them on the principles of Stress Inoculation Training to ensure learning and, ultimately, mastery of the crisis management tools.

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