Inevitably, companies are, at times, affected by events that require extraordinary measures. When that happens, the company and its employees are direct – or in a transferred sense – under attack. As a result, there may be an actual crisis in which the day-to-day operation cannot handle alone, which requires extra assistance. During emergencies, companies are not only dealing with the outside world but also have an internal responsibility towards employees, which are directly affected by the crisis.

We believe that companies must prepare to deal with a crisis (both before, during, and after). Therefore Human Advisor Group provides an annual advisory package, which helps to reduce the risk of being affected – and makes the company more robust when a crisis arises


Our concept includes several measures, all to strengthen the Executive Team and the company’s resilience.

It consists of four steps:

Step 1: The advisor will make a company needs assessment. The assessment creates an overview of which relevant risks the company is exposed to and defines resilience regarding managing crises. Typically, 4-5 scenarios are designed for the company to work with throughout the steps. Further work must include as operational and relevant as possible.

Step 2: The results of the need assessment and recommendations will be summarized in a report and verbally presented. Further work on contingency plans will initiate, and final decisions are made regarding how the crisis exercise should take form.

Step 3: The company receives a new (or updated) contingency plan.

Step 4:We deliver a pedagogical and educational crisis exercise, followed by a report. The purpose of the exercise is to practice the use of the new contingency plan in practice. The learning outcome is at the main focus.


Managing physical attacks

Human Advisor Group provides training for employees who are particularly at risk of physical assault. The employee gets tools to manage themselves and the attacker if a situation occurs. The training lasts ½ to a full day customized for the employee’s everyday life.

Travel Security: Educate traveling employees 

The purpose of teaching travel security is to lower the company’s risk profile for traveling employees.

The employees receive awareness and a variety of tools that help reduce the risk of physical and psychic trauma if an incident occurs.

The reintegration time for educated employees who are either injured, assaulted, or kidnapped abroad is significantly lower (down to 10%) compared to those who haven’t received training. The ability to make conscious choices and deal with one’s fears and stresses in aggravated circumstances reduce the risk of traumatization.

By educating your employees, your company reduces the human, financial, and image costs if a critical incident occurred.

Support doing crisis (subscription)

Human Advisor Group provides support and counseling during an (international) crisis. We also have specialized debriefers who have extensive experience in planing the reintegration process for employees who have experienced a crisis.

Responsible Advisor 

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