Since 1999, Michael Sjøberg has been dealing professionally with crisis communication and culturally conditioned conflict resolution. He is the captain of the reserve and has a master’s degree in political science specializing in complex risk management, crisis communication, and strategic management of high-profile hostages. Michael is also co-founder of The Danish Defence concept of hostage survival.

Michael also has a degree in Critical Incident Stress Debriefer of ICISF from Maryland, USA, and a hostage negotiator of New Scotland Yard. Michael has trained more than a thousand people in travel safety and hostage survival and has served as an advisor to a wide range of private and public companies.

E-mail: michael.sjoeberg@humanadvisor.dk
Mobil: (+45) 30 25 64 74

HENRIK CHRISTIANSEN, security advisor & chief instructor

Henrik is an experienced security consultant specializing in human risks – and is our head instructor. Henrik is formerly a language officer in Russian and Serbo-Croat. Henrik is also co-founder of The Danish Defence concept of handling hostage situations.

Henrik has also developed our educational concept in body language analysis toward HR people.

E-mail: henrik@humanadvisor.dk
Mobil: (+45) 30 61 12 66