Human Advisor Group’s Lie Detector is a training concept specifically designed for the law business.

The participants learn to utilize operative body language analysis in their every day work to spot lies and weak spots in other people.

The overall focus of the training is the operative, practical use of the tools in real situations, i.e. in court, when meeting with clients as well as during negotiations.

The course has been tailored to legal professionals in cooperation with some of Denmark’s top tier law firms. It is based on the principles of Behavioral Symptoms Analysis (BSA) and the methods employed by hostage negotiators, army interrogators and intelligence personnel.

The course encompasses three interconnected parts of competence and knowledge.

The first part is background knowledge of the human stress system. Understanding how humans react (and indeed how the brain and our stress hormones function under duress) is the foundation for grasping the non-verbal and verbal indicators that signify lie or uncertainty in another person.

The second part is the ability to visually identify stress symptoms in the body language and facial expressions – little signs showing that the person is under stress or even downright lying.

The third and final part is the ability to auditively identify stress symptoms in the person’s verbal communication. A number of signs indicate that the person is lying – or that we hit a weak spot – rhythm and speed of speech, tonality, breathing et cetera.

The course can be delivered as a short 1-2 hour talk/keynote or as a full day course

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