How can I help my client through a crisis?

What do I do when the crisis just keeps getting worse?

How do I convince distressed people into making rational decisions?

“Crisis Management for Lawyers” is a highly specialised course for legal professionals, who sometimes find themselves in situations advising their clients during a crisis situation.

Often times the lawyer (or the General Counsel) will be the Management Teams primary advisor, when something has gone terribly wrong. In some cases, that legal professional may indeed be the only advisor available to the client.

We have packed two decades of experience helping our own clients through severe crisis situations AS WELL as extensive exeperiences training and working with top legal professionals into this course.

“In crisis management, be quick with the facts, slow with the blame”

– Leonard Saffir

The course can be delivered as a three hour session or as a full day course.

 Interested in the course? Reach out to Michael Sjoeberg at or his mobile (+45) 30256474