Are there ever situations where your credibility is crucial?

Do you need your message to come across clear?

Would you like to maximize your advantage from negotiation, sales situations, or lectures?

Human Advisor Group has developed a course called “TRUST ME.” The course is for thou who wish to strengthen their ability to build trust and credibility – during the client meeting, in court, or the sales situation.

The course will teach you how to…

… use your body language actively and consciously

… prepare yourself appearing credible and persuasive

building relations with customers, clients or the negotiating counterpart

… use efficient tools to communicate difficult information – even under pressure

About the teacher

Michael Sjøberg teaches the Trust Me course. Over the past couple of years, Michael has cemented himself as the Danish industry’s leading expert in body language analysis and lie detection.

He is a former intelligence officer and has a master’s in political science specializing in crisis negotiation and handling high-profile hostage situations. Michael is also co-founder of The Danish Defence concept of hostage survival and has taught a large number of instructors and intelligence professionals in interrogation techniques and communications under pressure.

Do you want to know more?
Reach out to Michael Sjoeberg at or mobile (+45) 30256474