Daily, analyzed country updates for the countries you do business in.

Stay ahead of the intelligence curve with our tailored daily briefings – ready to use in the conference room on your company’s template as powerpoint, pdf or Google Slides.

Each morning, you will receive an updated Coronavirus Intelligence Briefing covering the countries (or regions) that are relevant for your company, specially prepared for you by our experienced security and crisis management consultants

Actionable intelligence you can apply

The daily Corona Intelligence Briefing is prepared for you each day by our experienced security advisors and includes:

  • Country specific updates on political measures, health and testing status and public discourse on the coronavirus situation
  • An overview matrix of currently implemented measures and restrictions on travel, borders, public institutions, curfew/lockdown measures and business support initiatives
  • Statistics with separate graphs for confirmed COVID-19 cases, hospitalization and intensive care figures and death toll
  • Additional graphs comparing the countries’ relative burdens (per 100,000 inhabitants) in regards to case count, hospitalizations and death toll


  • Regain the overview of COVID-19 effects on all of your business units across the world
  • Save time – no more need to sift through endless information sources. We collect the information and validate it to actionable intelligence
  • Mitigate COVID-19 risks before they materialize
  • Briefings are ready-to-use and company stylesheet compliant
  • Get access to our advisors 24/7 for special reports and recommendations

Existing clients

We currently deliver our daily Corona Intel Briefs to a number of European companies with global presence, including a number of major banks and insurance companies. We are proud of our references – contact us for a list of references and testimonials from our existing clients.

Our backgrounds

Your daily Corona Intelligence Brief is produced each morning by security and intelligence experts Michael Sjoeberg and Henrik Christiansen and risk analyst Josefine Andersen.

Michael and Henrik having served as army intelligence officers with hostage survival and complex crisis management as their specialty both have master degrees in political sciences, whereas Josefine is specialized within security risk analysis and has most recently gained operational experience in repatriating those stranded abroad as a consequence of of COVID-19 lockdowns around the world.

Michael Sjoeberg
Henrik Christiansen


Our pricing depends on how many countries and/or regions you want to have covered by your daily Corona Intel Brief. We use between 1 and 2 consultancy hours daily in preparing each briefing, including intelligence collection & validation, statistics update, political measures analysis and the preparation of the final report.

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