Terror: reduce your risk

Human Advisor Group has developed a beneficial model, which makes it simple to establish a professional terror preparedness.

It is challenging to make this kind of preparedness, which works when a terror attack strikes.

We contribute with knowledge, advice, and training in three areas, explicitly regarding crisis policies and procedures in the company. Including plans and procedures in the case of threats, lost, and/or injured employees.

You get one permanent advisor, who is your primary advisor and instructor. However, if the situation so requires, we will include additional consultants.

We do not believe in the “cookie-cutter” method. Human Advisor Group modifies terror preparedness to your organization. That’s the only way we can assure you’re getting the most significant value. In other words, your terror preparedness is essential because it reduces the risks and the potential human and financial costs of a crisis.

If you are interested in a meeting, call Michael Sjøberg (+45) 30256474 or write ms@humanadvisor.dk